AcuFirm Facials
  • Do you want to look less tired and feel more restored?

  • Do you want to pretend that you are getting more sleep than is currently possible?

  • Have you been looking for somebody to trust for an all natural facial that actually works –  leaving you with a more youthful and healthy complexion?

Well there is a facial that uses deep tissue massage techniques and detailed anatomy training to work with your own unique face to help you to feel restored and rejuvenated.

Why did I start offering facials? – My clients have trusted me to look after their bodies for more than a decade and a few of them were starting to ask me who they could go to for a truly holistic, natural facial that actually delivered results.

So I did my research and I came across Nataliya Robinson’s AcuFirm course. After reading the testimonials I signed up to train with Nataliya herself, catching her between her trips to her international clients. Her facials really are world-renowned. This is what Vogue has to say about them:

“There are facials and then there are facials. I recently experienced the latter in the hands of facialist Nataliya Robinson in Chelsea.” -Hannah Coates, Digital Beauty Editor, Vogue

AcuFirm works with both the muscles and fascia of your face to relieve tension, improve drainage, and encourage your body’s natural rejuvenation processes.

Your face will be left free of tension and your skin will be glowing due to the natural lymphatic drainage effects of the technique.

Cosmetic acupuncture down-regulates the genes involved in muscle breakdown and increases protein synthesis, stimulating the production and deposition of collagen in the dermis to promote facial elasticity.

Massage naturally releases endorphins inside your brain including dopamine, the happy hormone and serotonin which helps calm your nervous system.

Massage also increases the temperature of the skin, allowing muscles fibres to loosen. Importantly for the facelift effects, massage increases the flexibility in tight muscles by breaking down local adhesions and helps to even out imbalances and create greater symmetry.

Make time for yourself and book your first treatment so that you can start to see and feel the benefits of this natural facelift massage.

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